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Wages of Sin  - Jenna Maclaine 3.5 Stars

Book one in the Cin Craven series brings a great mix of historical, paranormal, and romance. Jenna MacLaine has a knack for stirring things up and creating a fun easy read.

MacLaine introduces you to the characters, Cin and the evil vamp right along with a tragedy. What a way to start a book! The pace is kept up throughout, you meet Michael and the Righteous. Some kick ass fighters that are fun to read about and come in rather handy for Cin when she finds herself in the thick of things.

There were some issues with this book, some of the writing may pull you out of the story and certain phrases may not quite fit in with the setting. But the delightful characters that keep popping up and the magic keep you flipping through the pages.

A great paranormal series that will be entertaining to follow!