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Lightpoints - Peter Kassan Have you ever been intrigued by near death experiences or wondered about the tunnel with a light at the end? Lightpoints is an interesting take on what could happen if you do take this journey, and it is not all angels and clouds.

The main, or one of the main, characters is Amanda who you meet as she is stabbed to death. You travel with her as she leaves her body and then pulled back to life, bringing a new ability with her. This ability drives the story, how she handles the stress of learning how to live with being different and her husband’s reaction to her revelation. Their love is strong, tragic, and in the end you and Amanda get what you want.

Lightpoints has action and excitement to go along with an entertaining idea. The main characters, Amanda and Chris, dominate most of the story line with others introduced and dispersed throughout. If the flow had been planned out differently the transitions and how the characters are tied together may have been easier to follow, though you can see what the author was working towards.

There is an intriguing story here, you just need to read past the first few pages. After nearly putting this book down the reward was a thought provoking story. The writing started out flat but picked up, though the need for deeper description stays with you. Some technical issues and the abrupt ending knocked the rating down.

2.5/3 Stars

*I received a copy from the author in return for an honest review.