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The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter - Jillian Stone 4.5 Stars!

Pick up any book in Jillian Stone’s Paranormal Investigator series and you will be transported into a Sherlock Holmes movie. Be prepared for mind boggling inventions, humor, mystery and hot flash inducing sex scenes.

The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter continues on from book two without missing a beat. Phaeton is missing his sidekicks, being led by Dr. Exeter, are on the hunt. The missing Moonstone is on everyone’s mind...well, perhaps Dr. Exeter’s mind which is occupied more on his seductive charge, Mia.

In typical Exeter fashion he takes on the role of finding his missing friend, Phaeton, and the challenge of aiding Mia with her new ability using a detached clinical manner. Though he is not quite as detached as he wished to remain. Mia is a shifter, her black panther wants to come out and play and the only way to tame her is to keep Mia satisfied. If that sounds dirty to you that’s because it is.

Even though their passion is irresistible Stone balances the story out with action and mystery. Stone gives you enough to make you form an opinion of a character, then she reveals another part and you second guess yourself. Incredibly well written, The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter immerses you and keeps you under. Stone keeps the tone and feel of a Victorian era book while adding in references and descriptions that make it feel fresh.

If you love paranormal romance and steampunk with a dash of erotic you HAVE to give this series a try. Jillian Stone will blow you away.

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