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Ruby (Facets of Passion, #3) - Jeffe Kennedy Kennedy’s skill with the pen shines through with the third installment of Facets of Passion Series. Ruby brings memorable characters in a tightly wrapped plot, all within 41,000 words. Perfect for a summertime read.

Ruby takes you to New Orleans, bringing the streets and inhabitants to life in a way you can practically taste. Besides the secretive clubs Prejean introduces Dani to, places not for the faint of heart, come to think of it...neither is the kitchen scene. *snaps fingers in your face* Enough imagining, read the book and you will know exactly what was meant.

Back to New Orleans, Kennedy wrote the perfect character with Prejean in this city. The food! Yes there is a lot of sex, but the food! You will have all your senses affected with this book, and then you will want to book a flight directly there. Did Kennedy take a culinary class before writing this? We may never know, but we can appreciate the variety of dishes that pass through Dani’s lips.

Beyond the sex are real characters you will fall in love with. Dani and Prejean have their own hangups, as does everyone, but they also are smart enough to see the holes in their lives and what they need to fill them. At the end of a crappy day you need someone to toss you a well worn t-shirt, whip up a mouth watering dish in the kitchen, and sit with you while you decompress. That, is love.

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