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South of Surrender (Hearts of the Anemoi, #3) - Laura Kaye 3.5 Stars

Mythology and romance in present day setting, oh and plenty of sizzling hot sex! That is what you get when you pick up a book from Laura Kaye, and South of Surrender will not disappoint.

Working her way through the directions and other minor gods, Kaye gives us Chrys and Laney. When he crashes through her barn roof Laney’s life is changed, and more than simply being scared out of her wits. You would be scared too if someone crashed through your roof, but Laney is also blind.

Kaye does an amazing job of writing Laney’s POV. You feel what it is like to have such limited visibility, the crippling fear of it, and the...well let’s not get too descriptive. You will enjoy the surprise more if you read the book.

Pick up South of Surrender and you will have a wonderful few hours. If you enjoy mythology mixed in your paranormal you should check out this series!

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