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The Evolution of Thomas Hall

The Evolution of Thomas Hall - Kieth Merrill This book is a beautiful emotional journey that will bring you to tears.

Much like the main character Merrill is an artist who weaves together the lives of multiple characters that come from different backgrounds and situations. In the forefront you have the slightly eccentric artist with a difficult childhood and his estranged aging father along with a young injured girl and the woman who finds herself responsible for her. Throughout the book the main characters lives are touched by many. Some are people who have a strong sense of self and spirituality and some have strong self-love.

It is amazing to look back at the story and see all of the different people that the artist’s path crossed. He has an agent that never quits, an old professor that remembered his talent, a former boss that has searched and found, a member of an animal rights group, a wise and talented elderly woman, and so many more. Each one not significant but put together a divine impact on the artists’ life and beliefs. In the end everything is brought together so smoothly you can see the fine orchestration of the one who holds us all in his hands.

At 480 pages it may seem a bit daunting. But once you pick up this book you will be reluctant to put it down. The emotions provoked and questions raised will keep you reading as fast as you can.