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Catriona - Jeanette Baker This is a tale of courage. This is a tale of reaching deep within yourself to find the missing pieces of your soul.

Kate is so much more than a young woman searching for truth. Through her ancient bloodlines she has inherited the Sight, which enables her to read others thoughts. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with she also begins to realize she has experienced life before as a young woman names Catriona.

Catriona has the fortitude and poise of a queen. That coupled with her stunning beauty made her a mark for abuse from a man in possession of herself and her brother. Forced to endure mental torture and rape you would expect her to become a broken shell. Instead she manages to get away, right into the strong protective arms of border lord Patrick.

Kate experiences Cat’s life through memory while at the same time finding lost family and slowly succumbing to the love of a handsome Scott. If Kate has the strength to confront the monster that is the antithesis to Cat’s goodness she will finally feel whole. Going back in time as Cat gives her a second chance to heal, only when she has done that can she finally let go and give her heart to her Scott.

Yes this is a historical romance but do not just label it as that. The main character Kate truly has to overcome and relive something that is life altering. To have the ability to willingly walk into that is a test of character anyone would hope to never have to face.

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