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Love, Again

Love, Again - Melissa Keir, Sabrina Luna, Tamaria Soana, Autumn Jones Lake, Melissa Kendall, Ella Jade, Lacey Wolfe This anthology is perfect for Valentines Day; sweet love stories that will make you smile. A quick read that restores your hope in second chances.

Forever Love by Melissa Keir:
This story is incredibly believable; you could see it happening to someone you grew up with or are neighbors with. Something about Syndie makes it easy to connect with her. Whether the aspect of taking care of an aging parent, or the feeling of seeing an old crush you are right there experiencing her feelings.
The writing was pretty straightforward, not a lot of description and the dialogue felt a little forced. The story could have been flushed out some more.

Crazy for You by Sabrina Luna:
Shawn has fallen for a girl, now he just has to convince said girl that she needs to let herself fall for him. What a great character! Any girl would be happy with a guy like Shawn working for their heart.
A cute story that has you hoping this New Yorker can find happiness in the south. Crazy for You will just give you a happy feeling, no loose ends or baggage with this couple. Just love to make you smile.

Vows by Tamaria Soana:
Addison is living a story that you see happen way too often in real life. Happy couple in love gets married, move into the nice house, have kids, work work work. And the happy couple isn’t so happy anymore. It is nice to read about a woman who takes matters into her own hands and decides to fight for her marriage instead of giving up. Vows is a great second chance story. Maybe this will inspire some to take this step and have fun with their marriage once again.

This Time it’s Different by Autumn Jones Lake:
The gem of the whole anthology! Sydney and Maddox found love and happiness; only they found it to young so life got in the way. When Maddox and his band come back to their home town Sydney is torn between wanting to see him again to find out if her feelings are just echoes, and wanting to avoid him least she attempt to knock him out. Strong emotions, and when Sydney and Maddox see each other again it doesn’t take long for the sparks to fly. The end is wrapped up rather quickly. It would have been nice to see a longer development of Sydney’s feelings, or to see Maddox have to work a little harder for her. But it is a novella after all, so in the end it is just about right.

Life in Suitcases by Melissa Kendall:
Tragedy brings people together, and in this case it brought friendship and love. Elise and Anthony both lost so much when they were kids. To go through something like that you almost need another person that has experienced the same thing to understand what it really feels like.
Elise was in a serious sounding relationship but there was no spark, at least on her end. It seemed a little callous for her to dump her current guy so quickly, but maybe it is only because we are brought into the story when she is ready to make a change in her life not the before time when she would have been questioning if this was what she really wanted. But Elise’s decision to move and find a new job seems to be exactly what she (and Anthony) needed.

Home by Ella Jade:
Chase is ambitious, handsome, and hard working. An intimidating combination when you take a look at him. Too bad his goals have been reached and he finds himself alone. Instead of looking for love her realizes he had it but managed to loose, so he grabs his second chance with both hands. Elyse showing up so unexpectedly leaves some questions, but after you see how hot they are together maybe she just wasn’t ready to give up on her man. Chase and Elyse sure have a beautiful setting for their reunion.

Wanted: Wife by Lacey Wolfe:
Do you ever think of your high school sweetheart, wonder if you saw them again if things would be different? For Darcy her second chance practically lands in her lap. The humor these two share once they meet is cute, just what you might feel seeing someone from your past. Steven’s family also brings a lot of humor, if only we could see some more of them and their meddling ways. The speed with which Darcy and Steven fall in love is hard to believe, especially since it doesn’t seem like they have thought much about each other since high school even if they did have crushes on each other. All in all, the ending is sweet and happy, a prefect addition to this anthology.

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