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Viper - Patricia A. Rasey Vampires and bikers...what a great combination! Viper was a fun read, fast and sexy...or maybe that is the hero. It will be fun to see how the series progresses and if the chemistry in the next couples is deep enough to sink your teeth into.

Us ladies at Reading Between the Wines did our joint Wine Club review on Viper:
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Love at High Tide - Christi Barth Grab a piña colada, your lawn chair, and a copy of Love at High Tide. Got it? Now you are ready for a perfect summer afternoon!

Christi Barth’s contemporaries are always filled with sweet, funny, love stories. And her newest release gives you that, and a little mystery. Darcy and her best friend trail a man at the beach, amateur sleuths that discover more than they can handle.

If the thrill of following someone and not getting caught isn’t enough, the spark between Coop and Darcy will be. These two meet in the ocean and are swept away...not underwater, with each other. They both see a one night stand/fling, but as events and others continue to interrupt their romantic interludes they discover the person behind the tempting body just might be the perfect fit.

Its summertime, Love at High Tide fits right in.

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Out of Control - Stephanie Feagan This book was our July Wine Club review pick. Check it out:

Feagan definitely did her homework with Out of Control. If you don't know much about oil fires or the business this is an interesting look, of course you get a good dose of mystery and underhandedness. Unfortunately the chemistry between the Hero and Heroine didn't burn as hot as the oil fires.
South of Surrender (Hearts of the Anemoi, #3) - Laura Kaye 3.5 Stars

Mythology and romance in present day setting, oh and plenty of sizzling hot sex! That is what you get when you pick up a book from Laura Kaye, and South of Surrender will not disappoint.

Working her way through the directions and other minor gods, Kaye gives us Chrys and Laney. When he crashes through her barn roof Laney’s life is changed, and more than simply being scared out of her wits. You would be scared too if someone crashed through your roof, but Laney is also blind.

Kaye does an amazing job of writing Laney’s POV. You feel what it is like to have such limited visibility, the crippling fear of it, and the...well let’s not get too descriptive. You will enjoy the surprise more if you read the book.

Pick up South of Surrender and you will have a wonderful few hours. If you enjoy mythology mixed in your paranormal you should check out this series!

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The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter - Jillian Stone 4.5 Stars!

Pick up any book in Jillian Stone’s Paranormal Investigator series and you will be transported into a Sherlock Holmes movie. Be prepared for mind boggling inventions, humor, mystery and hot flash inducing sex scenes.

The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter continues on from book two without missing a beat. Phaeton is missing his sidekicks, being led by Dr. Exeter, are on the hunt. The missing Moonstone is on everyone’s mind...well, perhaps Dr. Exeter’s mind which is occupied more on his seductive charge, Mia.

In typical Exeter fashion he takes on the role of finding his missing friend, Phaeton, and the challenge of aiding Mia with her new ability using a detached clinical manner. Though he is not quite as detached as he wished to remain. Mia is a shifter, her black panther wants to come out and play and the only way to tame her is to keep Mia satisfied. If that sounds dirty to you that’s because it is.

Even though their passion is irresistible Stone balances the story out with action and mystery. Stone gives you enough to make you form an opinion of a character, then she reveals another part and you second guess yourself. Incredibly well written, The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter immerses you and keeps you under. Stone keeps the tone and feel of a Victorian era book while adding in references and descriptions that make it feel fresh.

If you love paranormal romance and steampunk with a dash of erotic you HAVE to give this series a try. Jillian Stone will blow you away.

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Ruby (Facets of Passion, #3) - Jeffe Kennedy Kennedy’s skill with the pen shines through with the third installment of Facets of Passion Series. Ruby brings memorable characters in a tightly wrapped plot, all within 41,000 words. Perfect for a summertime read.

Ruby takes you to New Orleans, bringing the streets and inhabitants to life in a way you can practically taste. Besides the secretive clubs Prejean introduces Dani to, places not for the faint of heart, come to think of it...neither is the kitchen scene. *snaps fingers in your face* Enough imagining, read the book and you will know exactly what was meant.

Back to New Orleans, Kennedy wrote the perfect character with Prejean in this city. The food! Yes there is a lot of sex, but the food! You will have all your senses affected with this book, and then you will want to book a flight directly there. Did Kennedy take a culinary class before writing this? We may never know, but we can appreciate the variety of dishes that pass through Dani’s lips.

Beyond the sex are real characters you will fall in love with. Dani and Prejean have their own hangups, as does everyone, but they also are smart enough to see the holes in their lives and what they need to fill them. At the end of a crappy day you need someone to toss you a well worn t-shirt, whip up a mouth watering dish in the kitchen, and sit with you while you decompress. That, is love.

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Lightpoints - Peter Kassan Have you ever been intrigued by near death experiences or wondered about the tunnel with a light at the end? Lightpoints is an interesting take on what could happen if you do take this journey, and it is not all angels and clouds.

The main, or one of the main, characters is Amanda who you meet as she is stabbed to death. You travel with her as she leaves her body and then pulled back to life, bringing a new ability with her. This ability drives the story, how she handles the stress of learning how to live with being different and her husband’s reaction to her revelation. Their love is strong, tragic, and in the end you and Amanda get what you want.

Lightpoints has action and excitement to go along with an entertaining idea. The main characters, Amanda and Chris, dominate most of the story line with others introduced and dispersed throughout. If the flow had been planned out differently the transitions and how the characters are tied together may have been easier to follow, though you can see what the author was working towards.

There is an intriguing story here, you just need to read past the first few pages. After nearly putting this book down the reward was a thought provoking story. The writing started out flat but picked up, though the need for deeper description stays with you. Some technical issues and the abrupt ending knocked the rating down.

2.5/3 Stars

*I received a copy from the author in return for an honest review.
Wages of Sin  - Jenna Maclaine 3.5 Stars

Book one in the Cin Craven series brings a great mix of historical, paranormal, and romance. Jenna MacLaine has a knack for stirring things up and creating a fun easy read.

MacLaine introduces you to the characters, Cin and the evil vamp right along with a tragedy. What a way to start a book! The pace is kept up throughout, you meet Michael and the Righteous. Some kick ass fighters that are fun to read about and come in rather handy for Cin when she finds herself in the thick of things.

There were some issues with this book, some of the writing may pull you out of the story and certain phrases may not quite fit in with the setting. But the delightful characters that keep popping up and the magic keep you flipping through the pages.

A great paranormal series that will be entertaining to follow!
If You Give a Rake a Ruby - Shana Galen With book two in the Jewels of the Ton series Shana Galen packs more heat and action than the first! If you love Historical Romance you need to check this author out.

Shana is an author that writes her characters so they worm their way into your heart, usually they have sweet love stories with the hero as the dominant in charge. This time around you still get Warrick acting as a confident demanding man, but his match is the fiery Fallon. What a fun heroine to read about! She is the sort of woman that draws the eyes of men and women alike, sensual and aloof. And when Warrick and Fallon collide, watch out.

If You Give a Rake a Ruby is the second book and continues with the mystery of the Diamonds. There are threats to their lives, and an unpleasant ghost from Fallon’s past wreaks havoc. Warrick and Fallon must work together and, you guessed it, they are attracted to each other even though they fight it. Not to worry because this story line feels fresh and exciting and you even get a nice glimpse of what is in store for us in book three!

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A Fine Romance (Aisle Bound, #2) - Christi Barth 3.5 Stars

Cute, sweet and will give you a craving for chocolate. A Fine Romance is another fun read from Christi Barth.

Sam and Mira are twi feisty characters who start off on the wrong foot. It's fun to see them keep trying though. They have some very sweet dates, Sam shows off his talent by bringing over fresh pastries and chocolate. How can you turn that down?! The road blocks to their relationship were the only drawback to the story, but that could be because of compairing them with Ben and Ivy's love story.

We still get to see Ben and Ivy! They are prepairing for their wedding and keep bringing all their interesting friends together to do so. They make fun of one another, act like family, and make you want to grab a glass of wine and hang out with them. Gib is still as naughty as ever. And we get to meet a new man, very yummy so lets hope Christi brings him back.

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Immortally Embraced - Angie Fox 3.5 Stars

Sorry to see MASH off air? Check out Immortally Embraced, a nice take on a beautiful young doctor in the same situation. Angie Fox brings another fun read packed with myth and emotion.

Petra is back, still patching up these poor humans and demigods alongside a pregnant Medusa. Her work keeps her busy and her gift hidden, all the while demanding she continue to fulfill the prophecies.

No more Galen, instead Immortally Embraced brings a blast from her past. Marc is back, he was briefly mentioned in book one as her dead lover. Now this shifter shows up in the flesh and blood asking for her help. Petra must learn to get over his presence but also his betrayal in staying hidden.

These two have serious sparks flying, despite the years apart and the changed circumstances they can’t fight this feeling anymore. Yeah, thats an old song but MASH is an old show so just go with it. You may find it difficult to switch gears from Galen to Marc, but if you give him a little time this emotionally scared shifter will win you over.

Marc is a strong character and plays into the plot perfectly. He takes Petra across enemy lines and brings her face to face with her destiny. It will be fun to see what the next prophecies are and how these two handle it together. We can only hope Marc is here to stay and Petra doesn’t have to juggle her emotions again.

Another great Angie Fox book. A couple places where the emotional development was rushed, but the overall storyline well written. If you enjoy paranormal and mythology you should check this series out!
Immortally Yours - Angie Fox 3.5 Stars

Mythology, MASH, abducted beautiful young doctor forced to serve her life on the battlefield. Sounds like fun right? It sure is, in typical Angie Fox style Immortally Yours has humor action and love.

Petra is a skilled doctor, good enough to get her noticed right? So she is drafted into service and manages to keep her secret hidden, then finds out she just might be the one the prophesies are talking about! Talk about pressure. One good way to relieve all that stress...find a hot soldier and sweat it out.

Galen dies and in the process of being saved, or forced back into his body, discovers that Petra can see the dead. Smart man, Galen, he pieces together this gorgeous woman with the prophecy and decides he is there to protect her. Good timing too, Petra seems to have some scary large problems coming her way.

The play on MASH is great and blends well with Angie’s humor. The plot line keeps moving and introduces characters at pace that keeps you interested without overwhelming you. There were areas that fell a little flat, you may find some disconnect with the characters at the ease of resolution or too perfect timing. But if you are just in the mood for a light fun read that has you turning the pages, Immortally Yours is a good bet.
Winterblaze - Kristen Callihan 4.5 Stars

At long last Winterblaze has arrived, and with it mystery, demons, a hair cut, and some hot sex. Callihan continues her Darkest London series right where she left off, layering plots together in perfect balance that will leave you begging for more.

Poppy and Winston have walked dangerous paths, now with their trust broken and Winston’s eyes open they must work together to defeat an age old enemy. Don’t be fooled, even with an underlying message of trust this is no simple paranormal.

Poppy has put her position above everything in her life, and she has had enough. She draws the line at giving up her husband and goes after him, if only (she tells herself) to keep him safe. When Winston’s dark secret is brought out in the light of day a new set of problems is hers to deal with. Now, she has the choice to do what she always has done and do it herself...or allow herself to rely on another to have her back.

Winston is a man of honor, stuck on it a bit actually. When a man from his past comes collecting, his whole world comes crashing down. You will fall in love with Win, equally as much as you want to punch him. True marks of a well written character, to bring out such strong emotion in the reader. Just as Poppy has choices to make, he must decide what he is willing to sacrifice. Choices choices.

For any paranormal steampunk fans out there Winterblaze is a great addition to the Darkest London series. Too bad we once again have to wait!

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Shattered Circle - Linda  Robertson Shattered Circle is a refreshing installment of the Persephone Alcmedi series. It takes a little different approach than the previous books. There is still plenty going on with Menessos, his loosing his haven and having to take care of the three sisters and the havoc they wreck. Johnny is as unable to walk away from being Domn Lup as ever, threats coming from every direction at a time when he has even more to loose (can’t say what, would ruin the surprise if you haven’t picked up the series yet). And Seph finds herself separated from the men in her life, to fix things she is going to have to sacrifice herself and make a deal with the devil.

The majority of this book takes place with our three; Seph, Menessos, and Johnny apart. It reads different than the previous books, but is no less entertaining and engrossing.

You may have been wondering if things could go back to normal, particularly between Seph and Johnny. Well...that is just not going to happen. Too much is changing besides our characters themselves. They are growing, making choices that alter who they are. And don’t we love them for it? It keeps us wondering, oh does it keep us wondering.

Separate review posted at Reading Between the Wines blogspot:

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Wicked Circle - Linda  Robertson 4.5 Stars!

Oh the trouble that follows Seph, the heroine of the Persephone Alcmedi series, around. Just when you think it can’t get worse, Robertson finds a way. Wicked Circle, book five, brings more challenges and emotional strain for Seph. Can she rely on Johnny and Menessos?

The Domn Lup is here, and he is bigger and badder than you had imagined. Along with the title comes lots of responsibilities, some he knew were coming...and some blindside him. All of which which leave very little time for Johnny to see Seph, and she sure could use him around.

Despite Johnny not being there for her Seph fulfilles her promise to the weres and does the ceremony, the one that will leave them in charge of their wolf when in wolf form. Only something happens to Johnny in the process, when he crosses a line Seph is left wondering if it can be fixed.

Menessos has people coming for him as well, three powerful sisters he locked away in stone ages ago. This can’t be good...
Seph is stretching herself thin trying to be there for all of her friends and loved ones. When the magnifying glass trained on Menessos encompasses Seph as well some powerful vamps take notice. To top it all off Menessos sends ‘Creepy’ her way, he says he is there to protect her. But you have to wonder who this eccentric character is, and what he is really after.

The best of the series yet! What else is there to say? Oh yeah, if you love UF you need to pick up this series!

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Blood Winter - Diana Pharaoh Francis The end of the Horngate Witches series, Blood Winter is a nice ending to this urban fantasy series.

You still get your action, you still get your characters you have come to care for, and you still get Max and Alexander tip toeing around their attraction. Well Max is still hesitant, Alexander repeatedly puts himself out on the line..waiting and waiting. Yes there are some twists, but perhaps a little too late?

A satisfying ending overall. If you read the whole series you can see Francis grow as a writer. It will be interesting to see what her next projects will be, what worlds and mythical creatures she breaths life into.